Future Surfing School. Teaching the basics

Future Surfing School History

Future Surfing School started in 1998 by still today co-owner Gustavo “Guga” Gouveia that 3 years later became the 2001 Portuguese Surf Champion! The surf school in the beginning was just about kids and local people as the main idea was to create athletes and competitors… but as time went on we realized that the general public was also interested in learning and improving their surfing skills.

Surf was already all over the Media and it was no more just a fashion thing to do on summer… more and more people from local residents to tourists were also very curious on having a surf experience or on improving their surfing skills.

From there slowly our surf school got bigger and improved in order to give the best learning conditions possible to our students… Today we are quite proud in having a diverse surf coaches team, all being very experienced and most being local surfers that are doing a career as surf coaches not just doing a summer job, so you should expect professionalism and dedication from them.

Our surf school operates now for years with no interruptions as we are open all year around working on both tourist season as well as on the competition season.
We are recognized (even by other surf schools) for the effort we put on the water on helping our students on catching waves and being more confident, cause we know it makes a huge difference in their surfing performance, for us it doesn’t make sense working any other way as we have in the satisfaction and success of our students our own satisfaction and success.

Our surf school is fully certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation, Maritime Authorities, Portuguese Tourism, and we are active members of:
– AESCV (Algarve Surf School´s Association)
– APTS (Portuguese Surf Coaches Association)
– APSA (Portuguese Adapted Surf Association)
– CNP (Clube Naval Portimão)

History - Our Vans
History - Our Flags

Some of our more significant actions and achievements since 1998:
– Various regional young surf champions;
– 15 years of Council summer sports vacations;
– Annual beach cleanings;
– Annual social volunteer actions;
– Thematic surf weeks with prestigious surf brands as Quiksilver or Ocean & Earth;
– Participation on TV programs and several magazines articles;
– Organization of Surf & Yoga meetings;
– Tailor made University meetings, Team-Building´s and Bachelorette parties;
– Mentors of “Save Algarve Surf” movement for a sustainable surf tourism in the Algarve;
– Local guides for international journalists;
– Annual surf trips organization;
– Sponsorship of local athletes.

We have daily surf trips all year round for no experienced, beginners and intermediate surfers having one thing in our mind: small groups + good surf gear + professional coaches = Happy students and happy surf school/coaches.

For the Future we dream on keeping our ocean blue, our mountains green and our students happy!

May all the ones that visit us, also bring some of their local wisdom in order to keep our surf destination as it is well known already: A Surf Paradise.

Thanks for supporting this idea and for surfing with us!