How do we work…

Our methodology results from the belief that the surf experience can be interpreted by different individuals in many different ways, as some people see Surfing as a sport, others as leisure, and even as a philosophy or a lifestyle.

Both Surfing and Bodyboarding have a technical and performance evolution side that is common to all sports and activities, but surfing also has something more that turns the person who surf into a surfer, into somebody that approaches life with a different and very unique attitude, usually more relaxed and in peace with life and the surrounding people.

In order to enjoy the magic feeling of flowing with the wave our surf school has structured our surf lessons in a way that enables students to fully experience what the surf essence is all about!

Future Surfing School methodology has two major goals:
1) Personal satisfaction and acomplishment;
2) Performance or student technical evolution.

Our methodology is structured by evolution phases, and classes are organize according to the students surf skills, experience, age and surf goals.
The teaching methodology adopted by our surf school is structured according to the ancestral surf philosophy itself, dating back to when it started some centuries ago when surfing was all about performance and joy.

In order to assure this two scenarios, we’ve structured ourselves to assure all our students experience the best out of Surfing!

We believe we distinguish ourselves from the others surf school’s because we don’t give up on our students effort and on their motivation to accomplish their goals as well as we trust on our years experience on teaching how to surf!

Our philosophy of teaching is based on this simple fact: “Our success depends on our students success…“ and this keeps us interested in taking as much as possible from our students surf potential!

Level 1 – Initiation (Basic level)
– Surf Equipment Presentation;
– Surf and ocean security;
– Basic surf technique (body positioning on the board, paddling, pop up…) ;
– Autonomy while surfing (board control on the inside + choosing small “green“ waves or already broken waves (white water waves)…);
– Basic surf tricks (Balance weight changes, speed up, breaking speed, initial turns…).

Level 2 – Improvement (Intermediate Level)
– Review on the previous level knowledge;
– Techniques on how to get to the outside;
– Basic rescue techniques;
– Positioning strategies to deal with the crowd and to choose waves;
– Intermediate surf tricks (Trimming, cut-back and floater…);
– Complementary physical surf trainings.

Level 3 – Performance (Advanced level)
– Review and solidification of the previous level knowledge;
– Introduction to the advanced surf tricks (Top to bottom rail surfing, 360, aerial´s, barrels…);
– Introduction to the rules and strategies of the surf competition;
– Surf heats simulation;
– Video and photographic analysis.