Why enjoying Future Surfing School surf guiding service can be an Adventure?!

Well, surfing itself is already an adventure as you already know or as you are going to discover soon… finding the perfect wave for your skills everyday ( which changes according to tides, winds, swell direction and size, etc ) can be really a challenge but is also an adventure as you are always on the search never knowing how is it going to end… this is for sure something really interesting that surfing offers you that not many other sports can… even if you are a long time surfer for sure you never had two surf days just the same, or even two waves just exactly the same… welcome to the magic of riding nature!!

Surf Guide

As we are a nomad surf school, we regularly go to different surf spots, according to which ones offer us the best conditions, we don´t have to go regularly to the same place as we have all our surf gear on top of our vans and not at a local beach hut where you have to go daily doesn’t matter how the waves are.

We can offer 10 different surf spots (Western Algarve) for you to know and surf and that is in Spring and Summer time because by Fall and Winter the number doubles as all the south coast surf spots start working as well!! As you have two coastlines (west and south) you have all year round (with no exceptions) the right surf conditions for you as there will always be a spot with the right wind or with your perfect wave size!! Within 45 minutes drive we can easily check several surf spots!!

We are one of the oldest surf schools in the Algarve… we are operating since 1998 and for this reason we are one of the surf school´s that has priority in choosing the desired surf spots for teaching by the busy summer time… which means we can freely choose our surf spots and go to the more desirables places where only the longer established surf schools are allowed by the authorities to go!

We have a team of 11 very experienced Surf Coaches which means all your doubts and curiosities that are not related to surfing can be explained or satisfied because we are all local people very inside of the cultural and social issues… and this is really something very unusual at the other Algarve Surf Schools as many are managed by foreigners living in Portugal and with coaches that come from abroad that come looking for summer jobs and that have no knowledge of the country’s traditions and culture… remember that getting to know the country you are visiting should also be part of the Adventure!

As we go daily with small groups of people with different nationalities from all over the world, you will have a chance of making new friends and have a chat about where to travel next.

The main Adventure with us will be that we will introduce you to the Western Algarve National Park, named “ Parque Natural da Costa Vicentina ” we are going to take you out of the beaten track, into some dirt roads and be sure to get you to the most remote surf spots with breathtaking views!

Also part of a unique Adventure is to learn to surf with a true professional surf coaches team, where you can even find the Portuguese 2001 National Champion – Guga Gouveia.

If you are looking for a well succeed Adventure with just the fun of it we are then for sure your best option!!

Come on and let´s go Surfing on sun shining Algarve.