Photographic Souvenirs

Photographic souvenirs

Future Surfing School has also a partnership with photographer Bruno Larangeira which allows our students the possibility to go back home with plenty of high quality pictures of their adventure and achievements.

By his own words:

Born april 3rd 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Bruno Larangeira de Freitas has always been attracted buy the visual arts that freezes a moment, Record a Flagrant, eternize a fact, the intent o Ayon, god of time in greek mithology.

He started his photographic and videographic activities in military special units around the world.

Being a combat diver he also specialized in aerial photography and recording of marine biodiversity.

In civilian life he continues to research tecniques that improve the quality of this magic art, also present on his family through examples of brother and father.

Bruno Larangeira de Freitas – Photography:

Also , children, birthdays, weddings and general festivities.