Surf Equipment

Surfboards are available in various designs and sizes. The leash is attached to the end of the surfboard.

Parts of the surfboard:
Regardless of the surfboard design, there are some terms to describe the shape of a board in general.

Nose: Tip of the surfboard
Tail: Rear part of the board
Rails: Rounded sides
Deck: The top surface of the board
Bottom: The bottom surface
Fins: The fins are located under the tail

Function of Fins:
The Fins have the function of keeping the board on its course, preventing unintentional sideways slides or rotations. The surfer has more control on the board with the fins.The purpose of multiple fins is to improve stability in tilted positions. If you would surf a tight curve, it could be possible that only a centrally-mounted fin would lifted mostly from the water. If there are fins attached on the side, minimum one fin is still in the water by surfing a curve. This stabilizes the board.

The leash, called “Legrope” in Australia, is the link between the surfboard and the surfer as a security mean.

A board bag is a protective covering for the surfboard and its purpose is to protect the board from dents and scratches when traveling.

The wetsuit is mostly made mainly of chloroprene rubber such as neoprene and protects against the cold and sunburn. You can wear a shorty (short sleeves and legs) or a long sleeved wetsuit. Wetsuits can be two millimeters thick if the water temperature is around 22ºC or higher and at least three to four millimeters thick if the water temperature stars getting below 22ºC.

Surf Wax
The surf wax increases the grip on the board. It is applied on the top of the surfboard and ensures stability and prevents slipping on the board surface during and after the take-off. The adhesion of the wax is temperature dependent, there is a distinction between hot and cold water wax.

Sun Protection
Due to the high ultraviolet radiation on the water the use of a zinc skin cream or water-resistant sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is absolutely needed to reduce the risk of skin cancer.