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Our surf lessons are organized on different levels according to the participants surf skills and age, so what we offer is private surf lessons, group surf lessons, monthly packages and basic surf packages.


  • Single surf lessons (Occasional lessons where the student previously books his/her surf lesson for the desired day in order to fit in a group with the same skills/age)
  • Packages of single surf lessons (Sets of 5 or 10 half day surf lessons and 3 or 5 full day surf lessons that you can buy and use in a period of 3 months time starting on the 1st lesson date)
  • Surf lessons Monthly Package (Regular surf lessons – once, twice or more times per week – in any day where there is an appropriate group to fit in)
  • Group surf lessons (normal group surf lessons where participants are gathered according to their surf experience and age).
  • Private surf lessons (Surf lessons where the learning process is optimized by the one to one tuition, very appropriate for the ones that are looking for a quick progress on their surf skills ) .

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    Surf lessons duration

    Each surf lesson has 2 hrs duration each, which means 30min for surf briefing/warm-up and sand practice + 1h30min of surfing. Each surf day has 2 surf lessons, one in the morning and other in the afternoon with a lunch break in between for resting and eating.

    Surf lessons location

    Our surf lessons take place in many different surf spots of the Algarve… because we are a nomad surf school and we travel around each day in order to find the best surf conditions possible (which changes according to participants surf experience, wave size, tides, wind and swell direction…). Our most usual options are Amado, Bordeira, Vale Figueiras and Cordoama beach by Spring and Summer time (when waves go from medium to small) and Praia da Rocha and Zavial beach by Winter and Fall (when waves go from medium to big.) The half day lessons take place usually at Praia da Rocha (where we are based) as in Winter is good for all kind of surfers and by Summer only the very young under 12 years old stay on the south coast, while all the others participate in the full day West coast surf lessons.

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    Surf lessons schedule

    Our surf lessons schedule can change exceptionally due to Spring tides with big amplitudes but the “official” meeting time is 09:30 for the half day lessons and 08:30 for the full day lessons.

    Included in the surf lessons – All required surf gear (surfboard, wetsuit and leash) – Transportation (both ways) from Praia da Rocha to all the west coast surf spots if required – Certified and experienced surf coaches – Good mood

    Note: For the full day surf lessons don’t Forget to bring food or money in order to eat at the local restaurants and for all kind of surf lessons to bring towel, boardshorts/biquíni, sun block. We pick up our clients from the surrounding touristic places of Portimão, Alvor and Lagos (all 3 free of charge) and from Ferragudo, Carvoeiro, Armação de Pêra and Albufeira (cheap extra transfer charge or free pick up at Portimão train and bus stations…). E-mail us for more details on this…


1 LESSON (PRAIA DA ROCHA) 35 Euros 40 Euros 40 Euros
PACK 3 LESSONS (PRAIA DA ROCHA) 90 Euros 105 Euros 105 Euros
1 LESSON (WEST COAST) 45 Euros 50 Euros 56 Euros
SINGLE DAY (2 LESSONS) 55 Euros 60 Euros 63 Euros
PACK 3 DAYS (6 LESSONS) 150 Euros 165 Euros 174 Euros
PACK 5 DAYS (10 LESSONS) 225 Euros 250 Euros 280 Euros
PRIVATE LESSON (PRAIA DA ROCHA) 70 Euros 80 Euros 90 Euros
PRIVATE LESSON (WEST COAST) 130 Euros 150 Euros 156 Euros
SUP LESSON 35 Euros 40 Euros 45 Euros
PRIVATE SUP LESSON 70 Euros 80 Euros 90 Euros